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Terms and Conditions



  1. The use of the services of the online store WWW.iDRONES.SHOP and all orders made through it is considered AGREEMENT to the following conditions. If you do not accept or agree to these terms, please do not use this website. WWW.iDRONES.SHOP reserves the full right to change the general conditions at any time without obligation to notify in advance by notice, and the changes will always be publicly mentioned on the site.
  2. The products available on the website WWW.iDRONES.SHOP do not constitute a legally binding offer, they are an online catalog.
  3. After clicking the “BUY” button, the product selected by the CLIENT enters the basket and remains there until it is removed or the order is completed. Adding the product to the cart does NOT reserve the product you selected. Only after you fill in your data correctly and press the “ORDER” button you will receive a confirmation of the order in your mail and upon receipt of this confirmation it is considered that the contract is concluded.
  4. WWW.iDRONES.SHOP reserves the right to refuse delivery of a confirmed order in case the goods are not available. In the absence of stock of the ordered goods, within the working week WWW.iDRONES.SHOP notifies the user / customer of the exhaustion and by sending a message to the e-mail address specified by the customer or to the specified phone number. In case a transfer has been made to the merchant’s account, the customer will be able to choose between a refund, cancellation of the order or a replacement order.
  5. The contractual language is ENGLISH, and payments will be made in EUROS ( € ).



  1. All products that are ordered can be delivered by courier to the recipient’s address. Payment is made by Debit or Credit Card or via PayPal upon completion of the order.
  2. Our products are always shipped the next business day from the date of your order, which means that you will receive your shipment as soon as possible.
  3. The delivery price of all orders over 500 euros is a compliment from us and is FREE. For all other orders, the delivery price is determined by the courier’s tariff conditions. The delivery amount is actually calculated when placing the order.
  4. The supplier bears the full risk of damage / loss of the goods upon delivery. After the delivery of the goods by the courier, WWW.iDRONES.SHOP is released from the risk that is transferred to the supplier / courier. WWW.iDRONES.SHOP is not responsible for delays in case the delay is due to a courier or other provider.
  5. Immediately after delivery, the goods should be carefully inspected by the consumer / customer or a person authorized by him. Any damage, shocks and other damages should be reported immediately to WWW.iDRONES.SHOP and reported to the supplier. In the event that damage is found to have occurred during the transportation of the goods, WWW.iDRONES.SHOP is not responsible for the warranty service of this product, and damages should be reimbursed by the delivery company. If you find any discrepancies, defects, damages or other conditions that do not correspond to the product mentioned on the site, please immediately report to WWW.iDRONES.SHOP.
  6. If no problem is reported, the product is considered to be in good condition, without any remarks, in which case WWW.iDRONES.SHOP is released from liability. In case of incorrect or wrong address, contact person or telephone number when submitting the application, WWW.iDRONES.SHOP is not bound by any obligation to fulfill the order.
  7. In case of refusal to receive the goods, except for the cases described below, the refusal is considered UNFOUNDED and the Customer must pay the costs of delivery and return of the goods. In case the Customer is not found within the deadline for delivery to the specified address or access and conditions for delivery of the goods are not provided within this period, WWW.iDRONES.SHOP is released from its obligation to deliver the goods ordered for purchase.


Based on Article 181n. of the CPA, traders provide consumers with information about the ADR bodies in whose scope of activity they fall and about the ADR bodies to which they have committed to participate or are obliged to use. The information includes the address of the website of the relevant ADR entities. Merchants who enter into contracts for online sales or services, as well as online sales outlets established within the European Union, place an electronic link to the online dispute resolution platform on their website (ODR platform) that is easily accessible to users: LINK


  1. The customer has the opportunity to view and order the announced goods on the online store WWW.iDRONES.SHOP.
  2. The customer has the right to be informed about the status of his order. This can be done by calling us on the listed phones, sending an e-mail announced on the website or chat with us on WWW.iDRONES.SHOP.
  3. The customer is fully responsible for the protection of his username and password, as well as for all actions performed by him or by a third party using the username and password. The user is obliged to immediately notify WWW.iDRONES.SHOP of any case of unauthorized access by using his username and password, as well as whenever there is a danger of such use.
  4. The user is obliged to pay the price of his order, according to the way announced on the page WWW.iDRONES.SHOP
  5. Every user, regardless if they are a WWW.iDRONES.SHOP client, is obliged:
  • not to damage the good name of another and not to call for a violent change of the constitutional order, to commit a crime, to violence against the person or to incite racial, national, ethnic or religious hatred;
  • not to infringe other people’s property or non-property, absolute or relative rights and interests, such as property rights, intellectual property rights, etc .;
  • to immediately notify WWW.iDRONES.SHOP of any case of committed or discovered violation when using the provided services;
  • not to download, send, transmit, distribute or use in any way and not to disclose to third parties software, computer programs, files, applications or other materials containing computer viruses, unauthorized remote control systems (“Trojan horses”) “), computer codes or materials designed to interrupt, impede, disrupt or limit the normal operation of computer hardware or software or telecommunications equipment or aimed at unauthorized intrusion into or access to foreign resources or software;
  • not to commit malicious acts;
  • to compensate WWW.iDRONES.SHOP and all third parties for all damages and lost profits, including for all costs and paid attorney’s fees, incurred as a result of claims from and / or paid compensations to third parties in connection with websites, hyper- links, materials or information that the User has used, posted on the server, sent, distributed, made available to third parties or made available through / the name of the site / in violation of the law, these Terms, Good Morals or Internet ethics;
  • The customer is obliged to indicate the exact and valid telephone number, delivery address and e-mail address, to pay the price of the goods, to pay the delivery costs when it is not free and to provide access and opportunity to receive the goods. If it is not explicitly stated that the delivery is free of charge, it is considered to be remunerative.



  1. WWW.iDRONES.SHOP has no obligation to control the way users use the services provided.
  2. WWW.iDRONES.SHOP has the right, but not the obligation, to store materials and information located on the server of WWW.iDRONES.SHOP.
  3. WWW.iDRONES.SHOP has the right at any time, without notifying the Client, when the latter uses the services in violation of these terms, as well as at its discretion to terminate, suspend or change the services provided in connection with the use of the site.
  4. WWW.iDRONES.SHOP is not liable to users and third parties for damages and lost profits resulting from the termination, suspension, modification or limitation of services, deletion, modification, loss, inaccuracy, inaccuracy, or incompleteness of messages, materials or information , transferred, used, recorded or made available through WWW.iDRONES.SHOP.
  5. WWW.iDRONES.SHOP after receiving the payment is obliged to transfer to the Customer the ownership of the goods ordered for purchase, to deliver on time the goods ordered for purchase, to check the technical condition of each item before sending (in case this possible without compromising the integrity of the packaging).
  6. WWW.iDRONES.SHOP shall not be liable for any damage caused to software, hardware or telecommunications equipment, or for the loss of data resulting from materials or resources sought, downloaded or used in any way through the services provided.
  7. The advice, consultation or assistance provided by the specialists and employees of WWW.iDRONES.SHOP in connection with the use of the services by the users does not give rise to any responsibility or obligations for WWW.iDRONES.SHOP.
  8. WWW.iDRONES.SHOP is not responsible for inaccuracies in the information published on the site, is not responsible for incorrect information provided by the manufacturer about the product, change in design and color. The information on dimensions and correspondences published on the site should be interpreted as indicative. WWW.iDRONES.SHOP allows discrepancies between the declared and actual sizes, for which it is not responsible.
  9. WWW.iDRONES.SHOP has the right to collect and use information related to its Clients, regardless of whether they are registered.
  10. The Information about the Client can be used by WWW.iDRONES.SHOP, except in case of explicit disagreement of the User, sent to the following email [email protected].
  11. WWW.iDRONES.SHOP collects and uses the information to improve the services offered. All purposes for which WWW.iDRONES.SHOP will use the information will be in accordance with Bulgarian law, applicable international instruments and good manners.
  12. WWW.iDRONES.SHOP is not responsible for non-fulfillment of its obligations under this contract in case of force majeure, which WWW.iDRONES.SHOP did not foresee and was not obliged to foresee – incl., Cases of accidental events, problems in the global Internet and in the provision of services beyond the control of WWW.iDRONES.SHOP. Please do not use this site if you do not accept these terms!



  1. WWW.iDRONES.SHOP guarantees to its Clients the confidentiality of the provided information and personal data. The latter will not be used, provided or brought to the attention of third parties except in the cases and under the conditions specified in these General Terms and Conditions.
  2. WWW.iDRONES.SHOP protects the personal data of the user / customer, which became known to him when filling in the electronic form for making a purchase application, and this obligation is waived in case the customer has provided incorrect data. Subject to applicable law and the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions, WWW.iDRONES.SHOP may use the personal data of the Client only for the purposes specified in the contract.
  3. WWW.iDRONES.SHOP undertakes not to disclose any personal data about the Client to third parties – government agencies, companies, individuals and others, except in cases where he has received the express written consent of the Client, the information is requested by government agencies or officials persons who, according to the current legislation, are authorized to request and collect such information.



  1. The General Terms and Conditions may be changed at any time by WWW.DRONES.iSHOP, which has the right to change the characteristics of the services provided and these General Terms and Conditions and on the basis of changes in legislation.
  2. WWW.iDRONES.SHOP undertakes to notify the User of the changes in the General Terms and Conditions by publishing a notice of their changes in a prominent place on its website and giving sufficient time to become acquainted with them. Within the given period, if the User does not declare that he rejects the changes, he is considered bound by them. In case the User declares within the given term that he does not agree with the changes, then WWW.iDRONES.SHOP has the right to immediately suspend or terminate the provision of services to the User.



The warranty will be recognized after review by the Technical Person of WWW.iDRONES.SHOP for eligible product conditions for Warranty Service.

  1. Each drone (product) is brand new an unused. We WWW.iDRONES.SHOP in order to be fair to our customers and to avoid unpleasant situations, before sending the product we inspect and test for defects. This way you can be sure that the product you will receive will be working and without defects.
  2. WWW.iDRONES.SHOP Not responsible for damage caused by ignorance, improper use or improper assembly and operation.
  3. Due to the specifics and characteristics of drones WWW.iDRONES.SHOP can NOT give a standard warranty for damage (usually caused by users) for each drone. The warranty for the drones is 12 months. Drones that refuse to operate after impact, fall or similar reasons will not be covered by the warranty.
  4. The warranty period for DVRs, action cameras, bluetooth speakers, smart watches is one year.
  5. Drones often fall and strike, especially by inexperienced users, and it is virtually impossible to determine whether a malfunction has occurred after several months or is the result of a manufacturing defect or the result of improper use of the product.
  6. Warranty products are subject to repair (if covered by the warranty conditions) or replacement if it is not possible to do so. The client can contact us at the contacts listed on the site.
  7. The legal guarantee arises solely under the Consumer Protection Act, covering every purchase of consumer goods. It is a guarantee for compliance of the consumer goods with the contract of sale and its duration is one year from the delivery of the goods. Our obligation as a seller is to ensure that the sold item complies with the sales contract within one year from the delivery of the goods.
  8. Warranty service is void in:

-a product that has been used without following the instructions for use.

-a product that has been found to have been misused.

-parts that are subject to depreciation during normal operation.

– non-compliance with assembly and installation instructions.

-surface injuries during operation of the product.

– damage caused by careless operation, storage in an unsuitable environment or use for purposes other than the intended use of the product.

– elimination of defects resulting from the influence of external forces – natural disasters, sunshine, fractures after impact with a solid object or accident, industrial fumes, aggressive detergents and the like.

– a product that has been repaired in workshops other than WWW.iDRONES.SHOP or by other persons.

– Product on which a change or modification of the construction has been made.

– Elimination of damages resulting from installed parts and accessories other than the product specification at the time of sale.


!!! All disputes between the parties shall be settled in a spirit of understanding and goodwill. In the event that no agreement is reached, all unresolved disputes, including disputes arising out of or concerning its interpretation, invalidity, performance or termination, as well as disputes concerning the filling of gaps in the contract or its adaptation to new circumstances, will be resolved in accordance with legislation.



Cancellations will be considered only if the request is made within 4 hours of placing an order. However, the cancellation request will not be honored if the orders have been shipped or initiated the process of shipping to customers, which is also marked as “processing” in the order status section.

However, iDrones.shop is not responsible for any defects or damages, or loss that occurred during transportation/shipping.

Any item purchased online from iDrones.shop may be returned without reason within 30 days from the date of purchase. In case of rejection of a product, the CLIENT is obliged to inform iDrones.shop in writing or by phone numbers submitted on the site about his decision. In case of refusal of a purchased product, the CUSTOMER should fill а “Standard form for exercising the right to withdraw from the contract” and attach it to the returned goods.
The rejected products will be accepted by iDrones.shop without any questions under the following conditions:
– The goods must be returned within 30 calendar days

– The products must NOT be used, damaged, injured, with visible signs of use, must not be broken, have no shortages, must not be of impaired commercial appearance, must be in preserved original packaging, be accompanied by all their accessories and/or spare parts.

– The products MUST be returned with the accompanying documents received during their sale.

iDrones.shop undertakes to return the money to the Customer within 30 working days from the date on which the Customer exercised his right to return the goods. iDrones.shop reserves the right not to refund the amount paid by the CUSTOMER in case of violation of one or more of the conditions above.

Products returned after 30 days without reason will NOT be accepted. When returning the product, regardless of the reason, the CUSTOMER is obliged to pay the costs of delivery to the sender’s address.
All DJI, Autel, and other brand products that undergo activation upon initial inclusion are NOT returnable! After activation, the international warranty of the product to the manufacturer begins!



For questions and/or comments about our Terms and Conditions, Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, and personal information, please contact us by using the following contact details:

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