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Three-axis Stabilization DJI OSMO

🟢 Gyro-stabilized handheld stand

🟢 You can shoot 4K video by hand without flicker getting a fully stabilized image

🟢 Perfect stabilization and full control of the camera and settings and


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Three-axis Stabilization DJI OSMO

Three-axis Stabilization DJI OSMO

Move freely

Movements without blur, recording without flicker. Make perfect video even when moving. Thanks to advanced technology designed specifically to keep the camera focused on the subject, no matter how you move, DJI Osmo helps you record video and take pictures like never before. It’s much more than just a camera. You can now create freely.

The world is 360 degrees

You have automatic Panorama mode, which makes capturing 360-degree panoramas even easier than before. Just hold Osmo over your head and press the record button. The camera will rotate and take pictures, keeping the horizon level the same. Do not just save a frame of your adventures, make a memory of the whole picture.

Catch the moment

Osmo helps you take time pictures easier than ever. Whether you’re standing still for a fixed Timelapse or craving a Hyperlapse, you can create smooth video automatically and easily without the need for a tripod.

Three-axis Stabilization DJI OSMO

Long exposures

Take long exposure photos with absolute clarity and sharpness even without a tripod. The Osmo stabilization system keeps the camera completely stable, so you are free to capture photos for up to 2 seconds. With a little practice, you can do even longer exposures. Now you can capture night time, cityscapes, or highlight a moving subject by blurring its background.

Three-axis Stabilization DJI OSMO

Improved stabilization

DJI Osmo is a recognized leader in stabilizing ground-based and hand-held cameras. The 3-axis stabilization system, fully integrated with the camera, balances movements in three directions, so that if your hands shake the camera remains stable. This is the first such technology you can hold in your hands.

Three-axis Stabilization DJI OSMO

Management is in your hands

The Osmo handle is precisely designed and made of selected materials for greater comfort and durability, ergonomically fitting in the palm of your hand. Conveniently placed buttons and controls give easy access to important functions. Insert your smartphone into the phone socket to see the image from your camera and control it through the one-touch application. Through the application you have the ability to change all smart shooting modes.

Three-axis Stabilization DJI OSMO

Remote control

All smart shooting modes can be controlled and activated with a remote control from the DJI GO application on your smartphone. Mount the Osmo on a tripod or one of the other available stands, take a few steps back to a position from which you can easily adjust the scene and control the camera.

SKU: DR78126 Category:
  • 1 x Osmo stabilization with camera and gimbal;
  • 1 x Mobile device stand;
  • 1 x Smart Battery;
  • 1 x Charger;
  • 1 x Power cord;
  • 1 x Case;
  • 1 x wrist strap;
  • 1 x Shoulder strap;
  • 1 x Micro SD card (16GB);
  • 1 x UV Filter;
  • 1 x Lens Protector;
  • 1 x Protector of the mechanism;

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