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NANOPROTECH Industrial Electric spray for protection against moisture and oxidation -150ml

  • Protects electrical equipment
  • Prevents short circuits
  • Prevents oxidation
  • Protects against leaks in the insulation
  • Protects against static electricity
  • Repeatedly extends the life of electrical appliances

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NANOPROTECH Industrial Electric spray for protection against moisture and oxidation -150ml

NANOPROTECH Industrial Electric spray for protection against moisture and oxidation -150ml

The product is used for protection against moisture, oxidation, leakage current and short circuit in all electrical connections and electrical equipment during their operation, storage and protection in adverse climates and aggressive environments. Developed specifically for industrial applications. The unique waterproofing, anti-corrosion, insulating, lubricating and penetrating properties of NANOPROTECH are confirmed by technical acts, laboratory tests and trials.

Functions :

  • Protects electrical equipment from exposure to all forms of moisture (steam, moisture, condensation, water spray, fog, rain, acid rain, salt and chlorinated water, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine and chlorine gas, etc.) and protects against corrosion;
  • Prevents short circuits and icing of contacts;
  • Prevents oxidation, mold and mildew formation on electrical contacts;
  • Helps remove soot, scale and dirt;
  • Protects against leaks in the insulation;
  • Improves the electrical conductivity of the treated parts and prevents leakage of current from the treated surfaces;
  • Protects against static electricity;
  • Restores, preserves and improves insulation in wet environments;
  • Recovers electrical components and devices affected by moisture (oxidation, corrosion);
  • Provides start of the equipment immediately after washing – Cleans and protects from dust and dirt;
  • Repeatedly prolongs the life of electrical appliances and equipment operated in humid and corrosive environments. Properties:
  • Forms a waterproof and water-repellent protective layer;
  • Completely removes moisture from the treated surface;
  • Preserves the electrical conductivity of the treated equipment in the aquatic environment;
  • Provides high dielectric strength;
  • Creates an insulating layer preventing leakage of surface current;
  • The strong capillary effect allows NANOPROTECH to penetrate the parts without the need to disassemble them into parts;
  • Fills microscopic depressions;
  • Retains its elasticity;
  • No side effects have been observed and it does not destroy metals, plastics, rubber, glass, paints, ceramics, electric motors;
  • Insoluble in water;
  • No emulsion is formed;
  • Has dielectric strength;
  • Does not contain rubber, silicone, acrylic, Teflon, aromatic components;
  • Not affected by weather conditions;
  • Completely safe for human health and the environment;
  • Operating temperature: – 80 ° C to + 160 ° C;


Unlike the known insulating sprays, NANOPROTECH is resistant to high mechanical loads, does not absorb moisture, does not contain isopropanol, ethylene glycol, does not evaporate, does not require additional washing after itself and greasing. By displacing moisture, it lubricates the processed parts, reliably insulates sensitive electronics and power supply, even if they are wet, and restores their functions. The protective layer is firmly fixed to the surface and withstands heavy mechanical loads. Minor amounts of excess can leak from machined parts. If surface preparation is required for painting, NANOPROTECH insulated surfaces should be cleaned with an electronics or alcohol detergent;

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