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Screwdriver set JIMI Home FM-1, 38pcs

🟢 Dimentions: 145 x 106 x 48 mm

🟢 Weight: 420g

🟢 Material: ABS plastic


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Screwdriver set JIMI Home FM-1, 38pcs

JIMI Home FM-1 Screwdriver Set, 38 pieces

If you want to repair electronic equipment, such as cell phones and other small accessories, or you do it professionally, then this set is for you. 38 pieces and among them: Tweezers, magnetic mat, and a container for parts and bits for screws of various kinds will allow you to fully take care of any equipment, even the smallest kind. The housing of the set is made of ABS plastic and additionally covered with metallic black paint, adding to the overall aesthetics.

Screwdriver set JIMI Home FM-1, 38pcs

Magnetic mat

On the top of the set’s case there is a magnetic mat which prevents even the tiniest metal parts, such as screws or elements from falling off and we won’t waste our time looking for them. Moreover, there are boxes on the mat which will help you to categorize the elements on the work floor.

Screwdriver set JIMI Home FM-1, 38pcs

Help in organization

The second part of the set is a module divided into 13 compartments of different sizes, which will allow you to keep order during the repair. Sort the items by order of disassembly or by size of the items – this will also allow you to get back to work uninterrupted if you need to stop or postpone your work for another day.

Screwdriver set JIMI Home FM-1, 38pcs

Spacious and functional

The largest module holds 32 bits which, thanks to their slim design, are suitable for removing screws from deeper inside. This reduces the risk of damaging the housing during disassembly. When you press the button in the middle, the bits will change their position to vertical, making them easier to remove. Underneath them is an extra compartment for larger screws or spare parts.

Screwdriver set JIMI Home FM-1, 38pcs

Screwdriver with replaceable tip

The kit comes with a handle that turns into a precision screwdriver when combined with the bits. The swivel top makes loosening and tightening of screws more convenient. The tool has been created from aluminum alloy, so it fits comfortably in your hand, plus it is lightweight and handy.

Screwdriver set JIMI Home FM-1, 38pcs


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Brand nameJIMI Home
Dimentions:145 x 106 x 48 mm
Material:ABS plastic
  • Magnetic Service Mat Size: 136x83mm
  • Handle fi 11x115mm
  • Straight tweezers 4x10x122mm in stainless steel
  • Bits
    PH000 | PH00 | PH0 | PHI | PH2 |
    SL1.5 | SL2.0 | SL3.0 | SL4.0 |
    HI.5 | H2.0 | H3.0 |
    T1 | T2 | T3 | T4 | T5 |
    T6H | T8H | T10H | T15H |
    Y0.7 | Y1.5 | Y3.0 |
    0.8 | 1.2 | 1.6 |
    2.3 | 3.0 |
    U2.6 |
    0.6 |
    sleve H2.5

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